Neighborhood Street Tree Partnership

Haven Neighborhood Tree Planting
Haven Neighborhood Tree Planting
Enhancing the Quality of Life in Medford’s Neighborhoods
Planting street trees in front of your home delivers long term economic, health, and community benefits.  Trees help save on heating and cooling costs, improve air quality, and increase property values.  Trees make streets safer and encourage neighbors and families to enjoy time outside.  The City of Medford and the Tree Committee can work with you to realize these benefits through the Neighborhood Street Tree Partnership.  Community engagement, outreach, education, and promotion will be a key component incorporated into the Partnership by City staff and the Tree Committee.  This may include social and print media, community partnerships, and volunteer coordination.     
What the Partnership offers
The Tree Committee, together with Medford Parks and Recreation is excited to work with residents to plant trees in the public right-of-way (between the sidewalk and curb).  The Partnership offers a hands-on opportunity for people to help plant a tree that can provide shade for hundreds of years.  Learn how to plant a tree.  Get outside with your family.  Meet your neighbors.  Be a partner in growing community. 
  • Trees selected from the approved Street Tree List and appropriate for each location
  • One or two trees per household
Funds are also available to qualified homeowners for assistance with hazard trees in the right-of-way.   
  • Hazard tree abatement funds will be provided by the City as a 50% match up to $500 per household for professional tree service
Join in the Partnership
Contact City Arborist Adam Airoldi at (541) 774-2690 to get in line for next year’s Partnership tree planting.  When trees are ready to be installed a planting date will be set and the Tree Committee will work with you to plant the trees.  Watering bags and information on how to care for your trees will be provided as well. 
  • Requests for trees will be taken on a first-come first-served basis
  • Tree species selection will depend on nursery availability
  • A signed agreement is required stating that you will water the trees and allow City staff or volunteers access to your outdoor hose bib for supplemental watering
For hazard tree abatement assistance, fill out an electronic application with supporting documents and tax information and submit to the Tree Committee for review.
  • Qualification will be dependent on submitting a tax return with the application to demonstrate a financial need
  • Hazard tree abatement applications will be reviewed annually by the Tree Committee and funds allocated based on application materials and professional tree assessment
  • A contractor pre-qualified with Medford Public Works Engineering must be utilized for tree work
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