The City of Medford Downtown Parking Management Plan is designed to provide convenient and efficient public parking for downtown visitors, students, businesses, employees, faculty, residents and volunteers.  The plan is designed to maintain a balance between all of these competing needs.

Time Limits:  All on-street parking is free with time limits ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours.  Some streets offer the option to pay for an extra hour.  The Middleford Garage offers 2 hours free parking and Evergreen Parking Garage offers 3 hours of free parking and both offer paid parking for additional hours.  The Library lot offers 1 hour of free parking and paid parking for additional hours.  Parking permit fees range from $10 to $40 per month and a variety of permits are available.

Pay by License Plate:  Pay-by-plate parking is offered in six parking facilities downtown.  The parking machines offer hourly, daily, and weekly (in specified locations) rates. You pay for parking by entering your license plate number, selecting the length of time you want to park, pay and you are on your way.  You can also park and pay by cell phone.  Paying by phone requires the user to set up an account.

Block Face Rule:  When you park your vehicle on a block face (one side of the street between two intersecting streets) you must move your vehicle to another block face once you have parked for the time limit.  Parking facilities are defined as one block face.

Merchant Validation Program:  We offer a validation program for merchants to cover the cost of parking for their customers.  Parking fees are discounted for participating merchants.

We Care:  The City offers the We Care service to customers in downtown parking lots.  If you have a dead battery, lock yourself out of your car, or have a flat tire, call the We Care number 541-772-4040 and the tow company will come out at no charge to you.

Disabled Placards:  Did you know that persons with valid DMV disabled placards can park in any time limited parking space, marked one-hour free parking or more, for as long as they want to park?  You may not park in fifteen-minute spaces or loading zones as they are not part of this program and doing so may result in a citation. When parking in the pay machine facilities, you may park in a disabled space for free. However if you park in the spaces other than the disabled space, you must pay at the machine for parking.

Pay by Phone:  The City offers Pay by Phone parking in pay lots and on designated streets.  With Pay by Phone parking, you can pay for your parking right from your cell phone.  This program also sends you a text message if your time is running short.  It asks you if you want to add time, which you can do from your phone right from your meeting, the restaurant, or class.  On designated streets, you can use the Pay by Phone option to pay for an extra hour of time.  In order to get the extra hour, you must pay at the time of parking.  You may not extend time on the streets.  To sign up for Pay by Phone parking you can download the app with the QR code at the bottom of this page, go to, or call 1-866-234-7275.

For additional information about parking rules and for the downtown parking map, click here.  You may also call 541-774-2082.

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