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Permit Fees


Structural Permit Fees
Building permit fees are determined based on the project valuation for material and labor.  Please be aware that the Building Safety Department also assesses a calculated value, which may be used in lieu of the applicant's value.  To verify the valuation that will be used for your project please contact the Building Safety Department at (541) 774-2350.

A current fee schedule for Building Safety permit fees can be found in Chapter 9, 9.27, of the Medford Municipal Code.

Effective 7/01/2019

*Estimated fees are based on 1650 to 2000 sq ft home with 2 bathrooms and a 440 sq ft garage.

ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT                                                (541) 774-2100

$3,791.93                  Street SDC (if arterial or collector street frontage), OR
$3,033.54                  Street SDC (if local street frontage)
$1,598.27                  Regional Sanitary Treatment

$1,036.00                  City Sewer (if RVSS, contact RVSS for fee)
$   672.14                 Storm Drainage (per ERU)
$     54.00                  Driveway
$     48.00                  Sidewalk (not a corner lot), OR
$     84.00                  Sidewalk (corner not)
$4,734 to $7,237                     TOTAL Estimated Engineering Dept. Fees

PARKS DEPARTMENT                                                                (541) 774-2400

$3,429 to $3,925                     TOTAL Estimated Park Dedication Fee

PLANNING DEPARTMENT                                                         (541) 774-2380

$200.00                                     TOTAL Estimated Planning Dept. Surcharge
$700 to $1,000                        TOTAL Estimated Affordable Housing
                                                                    Construction Excise Tax 

BUILDING DEPARTMENT                                                          (541) 774-2350

$2,200 to $3,000                     TOTAL Estimated Building Dept. Permit Fees
                                                    Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

STATE OF OREGON                                                                     (503) 378-4621

$260 to $340                            Estimated surcharge

SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                      (541) 842-3622

           $2,228 to $2,700                      TOTAL Estimated Construction Excise Tax

WATER DEPARTMENT                                                             (541) 774-2430

Contact Water Department for Fees

Single Family Dwelling Permit Fee Distribution

Additional Department Information

Building Department Contacts

200 South Ivy Lausmann Annex
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2350
Fax: (541) 618-1707

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