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MMC 2.457

2.457 Traffic Coordinating Committee

(1) A Traffic Coordinating Committee is hereby established to:

(a) Review and make recommendations to the City Council concerning traffic management policies;

(b) Act as a forum to hear citizen requests with regard to traffic matters; and

(c) Advise the Traffic Engineering Section of the Engineering Division on all matters pertaining to vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the public streets and ways of the city.

(2) The Committee shall be composed of five voting members and three nonvoting members. Voting members shall be the Chairperson of the Transportation Committee of the Medford Chamber of Commerce or its designee, a representative appointed by School District 549C or its designee, the manager of the local branch of the American Automobile Association or its designee, and two members-at-large appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Nonvoting members shall be the Chief of Police, or his/her designee and one member designated by the Public Works Director.

(3) The minutes of the meetings of the Traffic Coordinating Committee shall be filed with the City Recorder.

[Added Ord. No. 5108, Apr. 5, 1984; Amd. Ord. No. 5963, Sept. 3, 1987; Amd. Ord. No. 1999-147, Sept. 17, 1999; Amd. Ord. No. 2005-130, July 7, 2005; Amd. Sec. 9, Ord. No. 2010-81, Apr. 15, 2010.]

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