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Summit-Fairmount Neighborhood Survey 

The Commission used Certified Local Government (CLG) funds to hire a consultant to conduct a Reconnaissance Level Survey in the Summit-Fairmount neighborhood, one of the first Medford neighborhoods to be built after the historic downtown core. It's located west of the original town site plat. The purpose of the survey was to create an inventory of historic buildings and architectural styles in that neighborhood. This type of survey is the first step in identifying historic resources. More intensive surveys which involve library and document research may be done later, if there are funds and neighbors are interested in learning more. 

Consultant George Kramer and his associate Tama Tochihara surveyed 832 structures in the neighborhood. They produced a 16-page overview report on the survey which includes recommendations for potential follow-up. With the survey data, they created a Master Survey Index with a photograph of each structure and basic information on the date of construction and architectural style. 

Try searching on the Master Survey Index. If you follow the Edit to Find path and put Spanish in the Find box, all homes in this style will shown, one after the other, by using the Next button. Put a street number into the Find box and all structures with that number will show, again using the Next button.


This home in the Summit-Fairmount neighborhood is a fine example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style which enjoyed popularity in Medford during the mid 1920s. The downtown Methodist and Presbyterian churches also reflect this style.