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Pay by Phone is offered in all parking facilities in downtown Medford as well as on specific streets.  In parking facilities, you can pay to park by using the Pay by Phone app or calling the toll free number on the sign.  If there is a line at the machine or you don't have your card or change, you can use Pay by Phone and go on to your destination.

Pay by Phone offers you the opportunity to receive a text message if your time is running low in the parking facilities. This allows you to add time to your vehicle from your meeting, class, restaurant, etc. without skipping a beat.  For the Pay by Phone parking on specific streets, you can pay for an extra hour of time. You must pay for the extra hour when you park your vehicle.

There are three ways to sign up for Pay by Phone.

Location numbers are listed below.

Location #                    Name of Facility

9th Street between Front St. and Central Ave.
1 hr free/Use for 2 hours

9th Street between Central and Riverside Avenues
1 hr free/Use for 2 hours

Central Ave. between 8th and 9th Streets
1 hr free/Use for 2 hours

Central Ave. between 9th and 10th Streets
1 hr free/Use for 2 hours

Riverside North Parking Lot                                                
2 hrs free/Use for additional hours
Bartlett Lot #10 on map

Central A Lot #16 on map

Central B Lot #15 on map

Evergreen Parking Garage #8 on map

Riverside/Library Lot #17 on map

Middleford Garage #7 on map

Main St. between Riverside Ave. and Crosswalk
1 hr free/Use for 2 hours

Main St. Between Crosswalk & the east end of bridge
2 hours free/Use for 3 hours
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