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Oregon Hills Park


Water Play

Mosaics near water play

Oregon Hills Park

6001 East McAndrews Road

Opened in 2013, and located at 6001 E. McAndrews Road, Oregon Hills Park is a sustainable park design providing for annual event storm water treatment, a year round stream, solar exposure for buildings, an abundance of native vegetation, and innovative child play options.  The pavilion has solar panels to help power lighting at the site and can be reserved via the parks and recreation department.

Park Amenities:     

The two reservable pavillions help make this site popular for get togethers.

Special Features
Water Buckets- children will need to work hard pumping two “old fashioned” hand water
pumps at to get potable water to travel up pipes and into a perforated holding area, enabling streams of water to then flow down onto their peers standing below. The potable water from this facility ultimately drains into the municipal sewer system, per State of Oregon health regulations.

Discovery Path:
A path with a natural porous surface offers exploratory experiences connecting through a small “oak forest” and then over a “mini-bridge” that spans the drainage from the bio-swale and sand area.

Sand Play:
The old fashioned hand pumps offer the child a physical challenge, and as such, do not actually end up pumping a large volume of water. The area was designed in such a way that the water from the pump will soak into the soil rather than running off in the waterway. While some children work the pump, others can create little dams made of sand along the contorted path of the play table. The table made of concrete and lined with what appears to be precious stones, ancient fossilized bones and leaves from prehistoric plants is elevated to accommodate children that are in wheel chairs.  “Buried Treasures” manufactured dinosaur bones are covered with sand, enabling the children to go on an imaginary archeological expedition by searching through layers of sand for the treasures buried down below.
Upper Terrace:
Climbing Art- large concrete climbing structure.
Oak Hollow w/log tubes- an existing stand of oak trees provide a semi-private area for children to explore nature and climb through large hollow logs that have been imported from the local forest.
Creek-side Discovery Area- a half dozen steps will lead down through an existing opening in the vegetation to an existing rock slab that will be a great source of entertainment and exploration.
“Little Roxy-Ann” Adventure Hill- mirrors Roxy-Ann peak which is prominent directly behind to the east. The materials used in building this slope came from the excavation required for the parking lot. Although the area has been inundated by star thistle, it will ultimately be covered with native grasses and wild flowers, using the seeds that are available on site in the area of the Phase Three detention area. Much of this Natural play area is accessible to children of varied physical and social abilities.

Click here to learn more about reserving one of our park spaces or pavilions. To make a reservation call 541-774-2400.

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