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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a 30-day public comment period for the City of Medford's 2017/18 Action Plan for Housing and Community Development will commence on Wednesday, May, 3, 2017, and close on Thursday, June, 1, 2017, to solicit citizen input regarding the Action Plan.  The City Council, City of Medford, will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 1, 2017, at noon in the Council Chambers of Medford City Hall for the purpose of soliciting citizen input on the Action Plan. 

The City of Medford is an entitlement jurisdiction for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.  The Action Plan is an update of the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan, which outlines and establishes priorities for the upcoming program year. The Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive planning document for CDBG that identifies the City's overall needs for housing and community development and outlines a five-year strategy to address those needs adopted by Medford City Council.  The purpose of the Consolidated Plan is to provide the framework for annual decisions on the use of CDBG funds provided by the U.S.. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The estimated entitlement for the 2017/18 program year is $633,060.  Additional funding will include an estimated $666,340 in carryover funds; $33,000 in anticipated unexpended program administration; $55,972 in program income from projects funded in prior program years; $7,916 in unallocated entitlement funds from previous years; and up to $125,000 in program income from projects referenced herein.

The City proposes to allocate $1,407,802 for the projects/programs referenced herein. A variance up to 5% in the entitlement granted to the City and allowable for allocation to public services, will be increased or decreased among the public service activities' budgets proportionately. Any allocation of a surplus in funding allowable for capital improvement projects will be determined through a second CDBG grant application round. Should there be an increase or decrease in the estimated carryforward or program income; activity funding will be adjusted accordingly.


1. Affordable Housing Infrastructure Support - $333,732: Grant to the Housing Authority of Jackson County (HAJC) to fund off-site infrastructure improvements required for transportation connections supporting development of Newbridge Place; a 64-unit affordable housing complex to be located at 217 N. Ross Lane. I

2. Affordable Housing Infrastructure Rehabilitation - $55,400: Grant to HAJC for replacement of water lines and catch basins of the parking lot of the Royal Apartments affordable housing complex located at 726 Royal Avenue.  

3. Homeowner Rehabilitation - $275,000 and estimated program income of $95,000: 2016 carryforward funds plus a 2017 grant to the HAJC to provide zero interest, deferred loans to low/moderate income homeowners for the correction of recognized hazards to health and safety.
4. Affordable Housing Rental Rehabilitation - $25,000 and estimated program income of $25,000: Grant to PeopleFirst Properties for the rehabilitation of a blighted property at 128 Chestnut to be used as an affordable rental unit. Project is in partnership with ACCESS' Weatherization and Affordable Rental programs.
5. Affordable Housing Land Acquisition - $96,251: Grant to Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity to acquire land for the rehabilitation of one blighted housing unit located at 1026 W. 10th Street.
6. Neighborhood Infrastructure Improvement - $143,000: City of Medford Public Works will expend carryover funds to build "safe-to-school" sidewalks and associated improvements in the Howard and Washington Elementary School neighborhoods.  
7. Elimination of Slums and Blight - $7,089: The City of Medford Code Enforcement and Building departments will expend carryover funds to address code violations of blighted, unsafe properties.
8. Elimination of Slums and Blight - $50,000: City of Medford Public Works will expend carryforward funds to clear the property at 1615 Thomas Road of all blighted, unsafe structures.
9. Public Facility Improvement - $13,218: Grant to Medford Senior Center for the renovation of the main hall floor. 
10. Public Facility ADA Upgrade - $32,500: City of Medford Parks and Recreation will upgrade Jackson Park with ADA benches, picnic tables, ramps and routes, and a drinking fountain.                               
11. Public Facility ADA Upgrade - $8,500: City of Medford's Parks and Recreation Department will upgrade Union Park with ADA benches, picnic tables, ramps and routes, and a disc swing.
12. Public Facility Renovation - $21,800: Grant to the Children's Advocacy Center to repair and upgrade the facility's entrance porch to remove unsafe conditions and upgrade to ADA standards. 


The following public service agencies will be receiving grants for operating expenses during the 2017/18 program year:

Maslow Project - $ 25,000
St. Vincent de Paul - $ 20,400 ($5,000 program income)
Center for NonProfit Legal Services - $ 13,600
Hearts with a Mission - $ 18,000
Community Volunteer Network - $ 10,200
Consumer Credit Counseling Services - $   7,500


Copies of the City's Consolidated Plan and draft Action Plan are available for public review in the Medford Planning Department at 200 S. Ivy Street, Medford, OR 97501 and on the City's website at To obtain a copy, submit comments or for additional information on the hearing, please contact Angela Durant, CDBG Program Manager, at or 541-774-2390. Citizens needing translation services or other special accommodations may contact Angela Durant 10 days prior to the hearing to request these services.  A summary of public comments will be incorporated into the final document prior to submission to HUD.  

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