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The Compliance Engine/ITM Reports

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The Compliance Engine
The Compliance Engine
Medford Fire-Rescue (MFR) has implemented The Compliance Engine (TCE) for service contractors to submit inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) reports required by fire and building codes in accordance with national recognized standards.
The Compliance Engine is a web-based service which helps fire departments to efficiently and effectively manage fire and life safety systems by streamlining and standardizing the reporting process. Nationally and locally, between 30 and 50% of all fire and life safety systems go without code required inspection, testing and maintenance. TCE automatically sends out letters to building owners when their systems are overdue for service. After due diligence, Medford Fire-Rescue chose TCE to help us achieve the goal of obtaining 100% compliance while improving departmental efficiencies and delivering the goal of improving public safety.
Benefits to service contractors include: 
  • Increased market opportunity for your fire protection services
  • Ensured receipt of all reports, affording you the ability to track our department’s follow up
  • Enhanced maintenance revenue and timeliness of deficiency corrections
  • Improved customer retention with renewal notifications identifying you as company of record​
Beginning November 1, 2015 all service providers may begin registering their companies and submitting fire protection system service reports to The Compliance Engine. Beginning December 1, 2015 all ITM reports (both compliant and non-compliant) within MFR’s jurisdiction are required to be submitted electronically by your organization to TCE’s online system at www.thecomplianceengine.com.
Contractors licensed and qualified to inspect fire and life safety systems within MFR’s jurisdiction are required to submit their reports to The Compliance Engine within 30 days of the service inspection date. Systems with impairments shall be reported immediately. Below you will find code references and a list of systems tracked by TCE. Each submittal requires a nominal $10.00 filing fee to be paid by the service provider at the time of submittal. This filing fee in most cases is per system type, per year, except for systems which require a six month service. If you are not currently registered with Brycer, please do so at the link listed above and sign-up for any of the scheduled online educational sessions.

Code References

Medford Municipal Code Oregon Fire Code Amendments (Section 7.023)
(21) Section 901.6.2 is amended by adding the following language: Records of all fire protection system inspections, tests, and maintenance required by the referenced standards shall be maintained on the premises for a minimum of three years and service contractors shall submit the service reports, in a manner specified by the Fire Marshal, to Medford Fire-Rescue’s Fire & Life Safety Division within 30 days of performing the inspection and test. 

(22) Section 904.1.1 is amended by adding the following language: Fire protection systems service providers providing inspections, tests, and maintenance required by OFC 901.6 and the referenced standards shall be qualified and shall provide the inspections, tests, and maintenance in accordance with the referenced standards. Where a manufacturer requires only manufacturer certified technicians to conduct inspection, testing and maintenance service on their engineered fire protection system, uncertified technicians shall not service the system. Prior to servicing the system, the service company performing the work shall submit a copy of the current manufacturer's certification, in a manner specified by the Fire Marshal, to Medford Fire-Rescue's Fire & Life Safety Division to keep on file.

Systems Tracked

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Alarm(Including monitoring only)
  • Fire Detection
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression
  • Standpipe
  • Active Smoke Control
  • Private Fire Hydrant
  • Fire Pump
  • Spray Booth
  • Emergency Generator
  • Special Suppression (Wet chemical, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam, halon, clean agent, etc.)
  • Fire Escape​
We look forward to partnering with you to better protect and serve our community. We are confident this innovation will benefit us all. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Additional Department Information

Fire and Life Safety Department Contacts

Medford Fire-Rescue Fire & Life Safety Division
200 South Ivy Street, Room #180
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 774-2300
Fax: (541) 774-2514
Contact: Interim Fire Marshal Chase Browning
Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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