McLoughlin Neighborhood

Completing surveys at Neighborhood BBQ
Completing surveys at Neighborhood BBQ

This is the second neighborhood revitalization effort for the City of Medford and covers the neighborhood around McLoughlin Middle School and Jackson Elementary School.  Boundaries are from Main to Western to Narragon to Fir.

Several stakeholder meetings have been  held since April  2004 bringing together representatives from various social service agencies, organizations, churches and schools to discuss the strengths and opportunities of this particular neighborhood.

A neighborhood survey was completed with over 500 households surveyed.  The neighborhood expressed concerns over traffic, speeding and crime.

A neighborhood group met for approximately 18 months to put together a Neighborhood Plan.  They also organized activities such as an alley clean-up and Neighborhood Street Tree Partnerships.

To get involved, please contact the City Manager's Office at (541) 774-2000

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