Washington Neighborhood

hauling trash
Hauling at the trash at Washington Alley Cleanup

Washington Elementary School and Union Park serve as the center of the Washington Neighborhood. Neighborhood residents are invited to take part in improving this neighborhood and developing a Neighborhood Plan.

In September 2007, Southern Oregon University students assisted the Neighborhood Resources Division in canvassing the neighborhood.  More than 350 responses to a neighborhood survey were received.  In December 2007, the Fall 2007 Neighborhood Leadership Academy sponsored a Washington Neighborhood Fun Fair as its community project.  Hundreds of people attended and a core group of interested residents signed up to work on the plan.

An alley cleanup, held June 21, 2008, attracted 42 volunteers who filled potholes, trimmed brush, removed graffiti and picked up trash.  More than 6 miles of alley were cleaned during the half day event.

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