Natural Hazard Plan/Schedule

Between now and mid-2017, the City of Medford will be working to update its 2010 Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.  The planning process provides many opportunities for input from subject matter experts, stakeholders, and the public at large.  A local steering committee and a staff person from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development will guide the collaborative planning process.

This page will include key elements of the plan as they are developed, as well as notices of related meetings.  The public is invited to submit questions and input by email at or by mail at the address below.

The 2010 plan is the basis for the current update.  Updates to the plan reflect new partnerships, new and updated data, reconsidered strategies, and other changes.

FEMA Local Mitigation Planning Handbook.  This document may be useful to our planning partners and of interest to members of the public interested in the process.

FEMA Local Mitigation Plan Review Guide.  This document may be useful to those interested in the citation of regulations applicable to the Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan, as well as the interpretation and explanation of those requirements.

The Medford NHMP Update Public Engagement Program describes how the City and its planning team will involve the public in the plan development process.

The Medford NHMP Update Project Schedule provides an estimated month by month timeline for the planning process.

The draft Medford NHMP Updated Table of Contents provides a sense of what the Plan will contain and how it will be organized.

The draft Medford NHMP 1/27/17 for the Steering Committee Part 1 and Part 2.  

Please find the related documents as part of this plan: 
The Medford NHMP Mitigation Action Table (3/14/17),
Climate Appendix - Hazard Summary of Climate Trends and Projections,
People with Access and Functional Needs (PAFN) map (2/22/17),
Transit Map (2/23/17),
Median Household Income Map (3/3/17),
Earthquake Hazards map (3/14/17).              

For more information please see the following Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Flyer
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