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Policy Discussion - Transportation Planning Rule (November 30, 2017)  | CLICK HERE

Statewide Planning Goal 12, Transportation, is largely guided by the Transportation Planning Rule. Since the 2003 TSP there have been amendments to the rule which may be implemented in the 2018-2038 TSP. This memo provides a summary of the changes.  

Level of Traffic Stress Memo (November 20, 2017)  | CLICK HERE

Incorporated into the analysis within the 2018-2038 TSP  is a level of bicycle and pedestrian traffic stress analysis. The intent of the above memorandum is to provide an introduction to level of traffic stress and the implications that the measurements have for Medford's transportation system.

Policy Discussion - Level of Service (October 12, 2017)  | CLICK HERE

Level of Service, much like a grade in school, is a grade for Medford's roadway intersections. Determining an appropriate level of service for the City has large implications on the types of infrastructure projects that will be needed over the 2018-2038 TSP planning period. This memo provides an insight into these implications.

Policy Discussion Memo to City Council (October 5, 2017)  | CLICK HERE

Several large policy decisions regarding the TSP still remain undecided including things such as the City's level of service, inclusion of the State's Transportation Planning Rule, roadway design and implementation, and the inclusion of large scale infrastructure projects. This memo outlines the policy decisions still pending and guides the Medford City Council to begin the process of deliberating.

TSP Goals and Objectives Memo to City Council (August 2, 2017)  | 

Presented to City Council on August 10, 2017, this memo provides the draft goals and objectives that guide infrastructure spending and policy decisions as they relate to transportation.

Project List Memo to City Council (September 7, 2017)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum presents the projected funding for transportation infrastructure projects as well as a draft project list for said projects. The draft project list include road, intersection, pedestrian, bike and other transportation projects for all modes of transportation.

Project Update Memo (May 14, 2014)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum presents an update regarding progress of the TSP update as of May of 2014.

Performance Measures Review Memo* (June 28, 2013)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum presents a comparison of the performance measures being applied in other jurisdictions and on corridors. This effort identifies how other agencies manage their transportation system, particularly within urban environments. This also includes consideration of how a balance between multi-modal goals and development of parallel routes can be incorporated.

Supplemental Literature Review Memo (June 26, 2013)  | CLICK HERE

This technical memorandum presents the project literature review for the City of Medford Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Amendment and Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update. This is in addition to the project literature review from the June 2011 memo.

Land Use Assumptions Memo* (June 26, 2013)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum highlights the methodology used to develop future land use projections and travel demand forecasts for use in the City of Medford’s Transportation System Plan update. This methodology reflects conditions associated with “build out” of the City’s current Urban Growth Boundary.

UGB Expansion Impact Memo* (June 26, 2013)  | CLICK HERE

This memo compares the City of Medford Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion options (also referred to as External Study Areas, or ESA’s) and their impact on the transportation network. Details on the development of these options are summarized in the Future Land Use Memorandum.

Future Land Use Memo* (June 25, 2013)  | CLICK HERE

The purpose of this memorandum is to document the population and employment assumptions used to develop UGB scenarios in Medford as part of the TSP Update/UGB Amendment process. These assumptions are based on consolidated information provided by ODOT’s Transportation Planning Analysis Unit, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments (RVCOG), and from City of Medford staff.

Year 2028 Planning Horizon Memo* (October 15, 2012)  | CLICK HERE

This  memorandum  summarizes  the  interim  year  2028  analysis  conducted  for  the  Medford Transportation System Plan Update and Urban Growth Boundary Amendment. The interim year 2028 is  based on an estimate of the City’s current Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) build-out in the year 2028  in a manner consistent with the zoning designations identified through the City’s Internal  Study   Areas (ISA) process. This memorandum summarizes the anticipated intersection and roadway deficiencies and identifies mitigation measures to address these system needs.

Draft 2028 Roadway Needs Memo* (July 20, 2012)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum outlines our review of the City of Medford’s roadway functional classification system, cross-section elements, and supporting standards and policies. This review will help inform recommended policy modifications to support the updated year 2028 planning horizon and better meet the City’s multi-modal, economic development, and mobility goals.

Project Literature Review Memo (June 21, 2011)  | CLICK HERE

This technical memorandum presents the project literature review for the City of Medford Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Amendment and Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update.

Study Area Review Memo* (June 21, 2011)  | CLICK HERE

This memorandum identifies the recommended study area and considerations for the transportation component of the Medford Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) Amendment and Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update Study.

* Memos were produced using modeling from 2011 and have not been updated to reflect current modeling.


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