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Waste Prevention Tips

Here are some ways to minimize the amount of garbage in your cart:

  1. Flatten your cereal and cracker boxes to take up less space in your garbage cart.
  2. Shop in bulk to reduce packaging you bring into your home.
  3. You can also limit the junk mail sent to your home, go to and check the catalogs you want to receive. To receive less commercial advertising mail, you can register for Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service, which allows you to “opt out” of national mailing lists:
  4. Nest any tub plastics together and smash any plastic bottles to take up less space. Look for less bulky packaging with shopping.
  5. Remember you can also take many and plastic bottles to a bottle return and get your dimes back! Every single-serve beverage in a sealed metal, glass or plastic bottle, from 4 ounces to 1.5 liters now has a 10 cent deposit, with the exception of wine, liquor, and milk. Soda and water bottles up to 3 liters. Think energy drinks, iced coffees, teas, and tomato juice.  There is a Bottle Drop return center in Medford.
For more waste prevention tips, here is a link to the Jackson County Recycling Partnership


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