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Unique Family Needs

Unique Family Needs
Every household is different. Is there an infant or young child in your home? Does someone in your family have a medical condition that requires medication? Do you have a pet? Before disaster strikes, talk to your family about your household’s unique needs. Make a list of special items you may need in a disaster.

What kinds of things can members of your household not be without for two weeks? When you are in a hurry, it is easy to overlook small and important items.

Here are some examples of things that can create unique needs for your family:
• Infants and young children (corresponding formula, diapers, medication, etc.)
• Prescription medication (keep an emergency supply ready)
• Health-related supplies (For example: insulin syringes, alcohol wipes, and glucometer supplies)
• Assistive devices (glasses, canes, walkers, etc.)
• Pets (corresponding pet food, crate, medication, etc.)

A disaster may happen while you are away from home. Consider asking a trusted neighbor to check on your pets if you can’t get home because of a disaster or emergency. You may also ask them to take your pets with them if an evacuation is ordered while you are not home. Make sure they are comfortable with your pet, and that they know where to find leashes and other supplies.

People with disabilities are often more affected by disaster than others in the community. Accessible services might not be available. If you have a disability, make sure you have an evacuation plan:
• Sign up for emergency notifications at readymedford.org.
• Paratransit services may not be available once a disaster happens. Talk to your paratransit provider now to find out what services they can provide when evacuation is ordered.
• If paratransit services aren’t available, arrange for someone else to pick you up if an evacuation is ordered. Make sure they will come for you UNLESS you tell them not to. That way there won’t be any confusion when the time comes. If you can’t evacuate, call 911 to let them know your location.
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