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Building an Ignition-Resistant Home

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R327.4 Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Construction Guide
            R327.4 Wildfire Hazard Mitigation
                         Construction Guide
On January 24, 2019 Section R327.4 Wildfire Hazard Mitigation was added to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. This code section provides best practices for building ignition-resistant homes located in wildfire hazard zones. Utilizing proven materials/techniques on the outside of your home can make all the difference in your home's ability to survive a wildfire. The goal is to build a home that resists flame and ember ignition.

Here is more information:
Instructions: Click on Development Overlays, choose to enter address or tax lot, on the right side of the screen click on Layer List, then check Wildfire Hazard. The hatched area indicates the Wildfire Hazard Zone.
Instructions: Search by Category, Company, or Listing. The following categories apply to listings for materials/assemblies for use in Wildfire Hazard Zones.
  • 8110 Decking
  • 8140 Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing
  • 8150 Doors (note: R327.4 only requires dual glazing, tempered g;lass, glass block, or a fire-resistance rating of not less than 20 minutes)
  • 8160 Under-Eave
  • 8165 Vents
  • 8180 Non-Wood Roof Coverings/Assemblies
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