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The following speech was given by Vision Steering Committee member Curt Bennett on September 19, 2002. Mr. Bennett, on behalf of the steering committee members, presented the Vision Strategic Plan to the council with the recommendation that they adopt the plan. The City Council formally adopted the Vision Strategic Plan at their October 17, 2002 regular meeting. "Our city embarked over 5 years ago seeking community input for a Vision of Medford in the 21st Century. After many meetings and hundreds of citizen participants a Vision Document was created. In the beginning of this process it was recognized there was, and would be, a need for an "Action Plan" or an Implementation Strategy that would bring any Vision to Fruition. Before you is that document, this Strategic Plan is a detailed plan of actions needed to take place to bring forth the desired results that our community and the citizens of Medford have envisioned. City staff has worked on this plan for the past 18 months; the Vision Steering Committee has reviewed the plan with suggested additions and changes. We are all aware some of these desired results will take years to implement while others have already been achieved. I commend the actions that this and previous councils have already taken as a result of the visioning process. I would reference the ongoing neighborhood revitalization plan, including the Westside Coalition, the Beatty/Manzanita Project and the hiring of Louise Dix. Speaking for the Salvation Army we are proud to be an integral part of the Beatty/Manzanita neighborhood and the potential in helping create a positive, revitalized neighborhood. Your activities with the Multicultural Fair, the Arts Commission, Art in Bloom, park expansion and community policing are just a few of the issues you have already started to act upon. This document will help give direction to successors of public office and key management alike. The Strategic Plan will help future council members along with replacements for people like Greg Jones in helping them know the desires and needed actions in helping create the city the citizens of Medford desire. This Strategic Plan is truly the working document that brings the rhetoric, dreams, discussions and ideas to fruition. This document should be fundamental in staff and council goal setting sessions and long-range planning in the years to come. This Strategic Plan is a key difference between a Vision that is just a dream and one that becomes reality. Representing the Steering Committee, appointed by the council, we proudly endorse and forward on this Strategic Plan for the Council's approval, adoption and implementation in helping addressing economic, cultural and livability issues within our community. I thank you for the opportunity to be a small part in this process. I commend the efforts that expanded the direction and outlook of our city from 8-10 decision makers to thousands of residents of Medford. To each of you, I applaud and Thank you for your efforts and time commitment to our city, I wish each of you good luck, good health and God's fortunes." Curt Bennett Vision Steering Committee Member September 19, 2002

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