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Business Self-Fire Inspection Program

Business Self-Fire Inspection FormMedford Fire's Self-Fire Inspection Program is designed for small, light-hazard commercial occupancies that do not have a high occupant load. Occupancies are considered light-hazard if they have a low amount of combustible materials within the occupied space, including furnishings, decorations, and other contents. These occupancies may include small business or professional offices, retail shops, personal service shops (barber, beauty shops, etc.), small apartment complexes with 3 or more units, and other businesses.  If your business fits this description, you are eligible to perform self-fire inspections. This reduces the number of in-person inspections that must be performed by fire personnel, enabling local firefighters to perform other important duties.

You can perform self-inspections as often as you desire. A reminder will be e-mailed to you on a regular basis.  Occupancies not eligible for this program are encouraged to perform regular self-fire inspections on their own. Self-fire inspections promote safety for your business and the public year-round. 

Consider the following

  • There are approximately 75,000 fires annually that cost businesses over $2 billion
  • These fires kill more than 200 and injure more than 5,000 people each year
  • 45% of businesses never reopen after a fire due to the high cost of recovery and repairs

Self-Fire Inspection form and other safety information

Thank you for your participation!
Additional Department Information

Fire and Life Safety Department Contacts

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