Political Signs

Political Campaign Signs and Applicable Land Development Code Standards

Permits No Longer Required

Political Campaign Signs no longer require sign permits.

Political Campaign Signs may be erected no earlier than eight weeks prior to any federal, state or local election and removed no later than seven days after the applicable election.

In all residential zones such signs shall be limited to six square feet in area, and a maximum height of six feet per sign.

In all commercial and industrial zones such signs shall be limited to 32 square feet in area per sign.

Sidewalks, Planter Strips, and Other Public Property

Signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way or on city property.

Political Signs on Private Property

For placement on private property, property owner permission must be obtained, and the following standards apply:

  1. Signs must be placed behind the sidewalk, including those with grass strips between the street and the sidewalk;
  2. On streets with no sidewalks, signs must be placed behind the curb and not hang into the street; and
  3. At intersections, signs must be placed beyond the site distance triangle (Section 10.735, "Clear View of Intersecting Streets").

Removal of Nonconforming Signs

If complaints are received regarding campaign signs, and they do not comply with city code, the campaign committee will be called and asked to remove the sign(s).

Applicable Municipal Code Sections

The following Medford Municipal Code Sections also apply, and can be found online at www.ci.medford.or.us.

  1. Section 6.360(2), "Obstructions in the Right-of-Way"
  2. Section 8.835, "Handbill Advertising"
  3. Section 10.735, "Clear View of Intersecting Streets," 
  4. Section 10.1022, "Exceptions to Permit Requirements"
  5. Section 10.1200 - 10.1810, "Signs" by Zoning District

--updated 8/21/14

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