North Medford High School Tennis Resurfacing (RZZ1001)

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North Medford High School Tennis Resurfacing (RZZ1001)

This project is to rebuild and resurface five City-owned tennis courts at North Medford High School.

This project addresses Policy 4 outlined in the Parks and Recreation Department Leisure Services Plan pertaining to upgrading facilities to reduce maintenance costs as well as to improve site safety and playability.  Additionally, this project involves a cost-sharing partnership with the Medford School District in order to achieve an economy of scale that benefits both entities with respect to resurfacing all 10 tennis courts on site at the same time.    

After considerable research, parks maintenance staff has determined these public courts need to be rebuilt and resurfaced due to a weak sub-surface.  Merely resurfacing the courts would not solve the problem of cracks within the base of the courts and would require frequent additional resurfacing at a higher overall cost.

Project Milestones:
  • Fencing and existing surfacing has been removed
  • Base rock to existing tennis courts has been treated with cement to stabilize
  • Overhead court lights were removed (Requested by Medford School District)
  • Court perimeter drainage  was enhanced
  • All asphalt work has been completed
  Upcoming Project Milestones:
  • All fencing will be reinstalled
  • Sport Court surfacing will be applied
  • Net posts and nets will be installed
Before Construction
Construction Pictures
Cement Treatment  Cement 1
Construction Pictures

Project Details

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In Progress
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Park Maintenance
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