Park Restroom Replacement (RZZ1004)

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Park Restroom Replacement (RZZ1004)

The project is to replace one park restroom per biennium with an ADA-compliant structure. Parks identified for prospective restroom replacement are Alba, Union, Railroad, Holmes, Bear Creek, Jackson, Veterans and Fichtner-Mainwaring.

This project addresses Policy 4 of the Parks and Recreation Department Leisure Services Plan identifying the need to upgrade facilities to reduce maintenance costs and to provide universal access.  The project also implements elements of the Council-approved Parks ADA Transition Plan.    

Medford Parks and Recreation has eight parks restrooms that have reached the end of their useful life and/or do not meet ADA standards.  Maintenance and compliance issues include inaccessible entrances, inaccessible and inefficient toilets, inadequate sewage lines, odor-filled floor drains, lack of insulation for plumbing, non-energy efficient lighting fixtures, inaccessible sinks, and inaccessible entry and storage room doors. 

Standardization of restrooms within the park system will streamline maintenance resource needs and provide park patrons a consistent amenity throughout all park areas.

Project Milestones:
  • Bear Creek Park lower restroom by the playground was selected for replacement


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Not Started
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Park Maintenance
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