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Street Light LED Upgrades (TIL0278)

The City of Medford has been evaluating LED streetlights to save electricity and maintenance over time through pilot projects in different areas with various types of lighting. This project will continue those pilot projects as needed and install an example project on the decorative lighting downtown. The installation and evaluation will be done in-house throughout the course of the budget cycle.

December 2017:
"Crook Neck" streetlights along Central Avenue, 8th Street, 9th Street, 10th Street, and Riverside Avenue have been retrofitted with LED bulbs.  175W Metal Halide bulbs were replaced with 45W LED bulbs.  The LED's are much brighter and are anticipated to require less maintenance. As bulbs burn out in other streetlights downtown, they will be retrofitted with the same LED bulbs. A map of street lights that have been updated (the green squares) can be seen here
LED residential pedestrian lights have been installed as a test installation in the SE neighborhoods.  These will be evaluated over the next few months and may become the standard for new residential developments with pedestrian lighting. 

March 2018:
Public Works has received only positive feedback on the test installations.
If you have any feedback on the new lights, please email us at or call 541-774-2100.

December 2018:
Public Works has ordered decorative acorn style LED street lights for installation along E. Main Street between Front Street and Grape Street. These will replace older 5-globe fixtures.

Public Works has installed about 80 LED street lights throughout the neighborhood north of Rossanley Drive, including Cheshire Way and the surrounding streets in northwest Medford.

March 2019:
Public Works has replaced some older 5-globe fixtures along E Main St between Front St and Grape St.
Public Works has also completed installation of LED street lights throughout the neighborhood north of Rossanley Dr, including Cheshire Way and the surrounding streets in northwest Medford. The aerial photo of the area was taken when the installation was partially complete. You can see the yellow light from the older High Pressure Sodium lights in the bottom of the photo and the new LED's on the surrounding streets. LED's have better color rendition for enhanced night time visibility.
Finally, Public Works has solicited proposals for a company to deliver a "turn key" project to retrofit all the remaining street lights in the city to LED's. The selection process is currently underway.

LED upgrade
LED upgrade
LED upgrade 3

July 2019:
Public Works has issue an Intent to Award letter to Ameresco to deliver a "turn key" project to retrofit all the remaining street lights in the city to LED's. Contract negotiations are currently underway.

The City selected Ameresco, Inc. as their consultant for implementing a conversion of all street lights within the city to light emitting diode (LED) technology. If the city decides to move forward with the conversion after the audit is complete, construction is anticipated in 2020. The project will impact approximately 7,000 lights across the city, including those owned by Pacific Power. The City has been converting a small portion of their lights to LED since 2016. This large-scale conversion will drastically reduce the city’s energy use and electric bill for street lighting. After the conversion, residents will benefit from improved light quality and color rendering of Medford’s roadways.
Ameresco’s subconsultant, Evari GIS, will be out as early as this August 30th collecting street light audit data. The data collection is anticipated to take less than 2 months. They plan to start in the downtown and then work through the rest of the city.

October 2019:
Ameresco’s sub-consultant, Evari GIS, has been auditing existing street light data since the end of August. The data collection is anticipated to be complete by the end of October with design completion anticipated by the end of December.

December 2019:
The field audit is complete. Ameresco is currently putting together the design, cost, and financing package for the City. Upgrades are anticipated to start in early Spring of 2020.​

March 2020:
Council approved the contract amendment for the design and construction phase of the contract on April 2, 2020. Upgrades are anticipated to start in Summer of 2020.

June 2020:
Design is nearly complete. Construction anticipate to start in August 2020.

October 2020: 
Construction starte was delayed until November 2020.


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