MURA Board Decides How to Spend $19 Million
(Thursday, Dec. 7) -- The Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) Board has hired a consultant to identify potential projects that will eliminate blight, improve depreciating property values, and attract aesthetically pleasing, job-producing private investments within the Urban Renewal district. This consultant will work with the MURA Substantial Amendment Advisory Committee to propose project ideas to the MURA Board (City Council).
Recently, the MURA Board directed the Substantial Amendment Advisory Committee to come up with proposed projects north of Jackson Street (Liberty Park Neighborhood) with 10 percent of the nearly $20 million budget going toward seismic retrofitting for downtown Medford. There will be multiple opportunities for public involvement during this process.

Upcoming Meetings & Materials

MURA Advisory Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 14 at 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Carnegie Library - 413 W. Main Street


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Downtown Housing Request for Qualifications

Projects such as Pear Blossom Park, Hawthorne Park, One West Main building and more were all made possible by the Medford Urban Renewal Plan. Click here to see more Medford Urban Renewal Agency


Background Information: The City Center Revitalization Plan is a 576.51 acre, Urban Renewal Plan for the City of Medford, Oregon. The Urban Renewal Area is located entirely within the incorporated City of Medford and consists of a single geographic area of the City with a total 1988-89 taxable true cash value of $125,533,500.

The mission of the Urban Renewal Agency's Board is to eliminate blight and depreciating property values in areas within the Agency's jurisdiction and in the process, attract aesthetically pleasing, job-producing private investments that will improve and stabilize property values and protect the Area's historic places and values.

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