The City of Medford is changing rapidly and is working diligently to address its issues around growth and development while meeting the needs of all of its citizens for safe and decent housing and efficient delivery of public services, as well as maintaining and improving infrastructure.

Medford has a variety of neighborhoods, both old and new. Healthy, vital neighborhoods are the backbone of any thriving city. Recognizing the need to keep Medford's neighborhoods healthy and safe, the City Council established the following goal to maintain stable, healthy neighborhoods and revitalize challenged neighborhoods. Working with neighborhoods is an art, not a science.  Each neighborhood has its own distinct issues and assets. A neighborhood partnership with City government will provide more sustainable results.

The Neighborhood Resource Division includes a number of different programs including Neighborhood Revitalization and Planning, Housing, Community Development Block Grants, General Fund Grants, the Neighborhood Street Tree Partnership and the Neighborhood Leadership Academy. There are also Code Enforcement and Neighborhood Watch, which are part of the Special Services Division of the Medford Police Department. Both work closely with the Neighborhood Resources Division to address code violations and neighborhood safety throughout the City.

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