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Site Plan & Architectural Commission Agenda and Minutes

Friday, January 19, 2018

10.          Roll Call.                              
                10.1 Election of Officers
20.          Consent Calendar.
20.1        AC-17-143 Final Order for consideration of the construction of a 6,286 square foot professional office building to be located within Phase II of the Crater Lake Business Center, a commercial center located at the intersection of Excel Drive and Aero Way in the Service and Professional Office Commercial (C-S/P) zoning district (371W07D311); (MC Holdings LLC, Applicant; Burrill Real Estate LLC, Agent; Planner, Steffen Roennfeldt).
30.          Minutes.
30.1        Consideration for approval of minutes from the January 5, 2018, meeting.
40.          Oral and Written Requests and Communications.
Comments will be limited to 3 minutes per individual or 5 minutes if representing a group or organization.  PLEASE SIGN IN.
50.          Public Hearings. 
Comments are limited to a total of 10 minutes for applicants and/or their representa-tives.  You may request a 5-minute rebuttal time.  All others will be limited to 3 minutes per individual or 5 minutes if representing a group or organization.  PLEASE SIGN IN.
Old Business.
50.1        E-17-138 Consideration of a request for an exception to the General Design Re-quirements for Parking, specifically the requirement that all parking, load-ing, and vehicle maneuvering areas shall be paved and improved, at a heavy equipment sales Lot located at 4866 Helo Drive in the I-H, Heavy Industrial zoning district (371W06AB300 & 301); (Pacific Truck, Trailer & Equipment LLC, Applicant; Douglas Day, Agent; Steffen Roennfeldt, Plan-ner).
New Business.
50.2        AC-17-085 E-17-152 Consideration to expand a multi-family dwelling  complex to 8 dwelling units and an exception to the required parking standards on one lot total-ing 0.17 acres located at 233 and 235 N. Oakdale Avenue within the Com-munity Commercial (CC) zoning district (372W25AD TL 7200); (Clinton Hall, LLC., Applicant; Douglas Clark, Agent;  Liz Conner, Planner).
50.3        AC-17-153 Consideration of a proposal for the construction of a two-story, 2,260 square foot professional office building and an adjoining 10,500 square foot warehouse to be located at the intersection of Rossanley Drive and Stowe Avenue in the Light Industrial (I-L) zoning district (372W23A5600); (Tom Casey & Dan Hawkins; Applicant; Bill Philp, Agent; Steffen Roennfeldt, Planner).
60.          Written Communications.
70.          Unfinished Business. None
80.          New Business.
90.          Report from the Planning Department.
100.        Messages and Papers from the Chair.
110.        Propositions and Remarks from the Commission.
120.        City Council Comments.
130.        Adjournment.

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