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Forms and Documents

This page is provided to list all standard City forms and documents.

These files are categorized by Department, and are listed alphabetically. They may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.


Filetype Description
Blue M (48.73 kb)
Marijuana Regulations and Licensing for Commercial and Industrial Uses (178.66 kb)

This brochure describes regulations and licensing for commercial and industrial uses of marijuana-related businesses in the City of Medford.
Flood Ins Safety and Assistance CRS (97.61 kb)
Flood Insurance Safety and Assistance for CRS
Royal Av Striping (942.32 kb)
Exhibit UUUU (164.86 kb)
2015 Historic Awards (2.46 mb)
Bike Task Force Recommendations (14.77 kb)
2015 Go By Bike Week (11.55 mb)
RVTD Family Fun Bike Rides (1.13 mb)
2014 Highlights (3.23 mb)
UGBA Acreage Inforgraphic (764.26 kb)
Proposed Urban Growth Boundary Amendment Map (835.93 kb)
Proposed Urban Growth Boundary Amendment Map
DCA-14-133 (178.21 kb)
SE Master Plan (3.30 mb)
Ordinance 2014-160 (687.70 kb)
Draft Bicycle Transportation in Medford (24.05 mb)
Draft Bicycle Transportation in Medford:  Connections to the Bear Creek Greenway
Staff Presentation to City Council (2.24 mb)
Urban Reserve Map (2.62 mb)
Conceptual Plan (2.72 mb)
Proximity (2.72 mb)

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