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Forms and Documents

This page is provided to list all standard City forms and documents.

These files are categorized by Department, and are listed alphabetically. They may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.


Filetype Description
Annexation Application (92.61 kb)


Candidate Urban Reserve Map/RPS Map 2010.03.29 (2.07 mb)
Priority List of Land Types (85.78 kb)
Goal 14 (84.97 kb)
Adopted Economic Opportunities Analysis (1.31 mb)
South Stage TSP Amendment Ordinance (11.50 kb)
Property Line Adjustment Application (91.70 kb)


Private Street Naming Application (69.20 kb)


Public Street Renaming Application (69.95 kb)


Declarations of Private Street (18.83 kb)


Electronic Message Sign Code Amendment DCA-09-048 (41.38 kb)
Electronic Message Sign Code Amendment DCA-09-048
Electronic Message Signs Press Release (24.14 kb)
Electronic Message Signs Press Release
Ordinance 2009-253 (170.13 kb)

PUD Neighborhood Meeting Requirement & Enhanced Notification  

West Main TOD Circulation Plan Map (11.76 mb)
Updated 10.5.09
Draft DCA-09-020 (18.70 kb)
Updated Oct. 15, 09
Hillside Ordinance MLDC (31.03 kb)
Review and Amendments Section (27.35 kb)
Glup Map (9.01 mb)
Medford Bicycle Facilities Plan Map (3.05 mb)

Updated 8.3.09

Sign Proposed Language (200.29 kb)

DCA-09-048 Proposed Language
2nd draft, Electronic Message Sign

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