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This page is provided to list all standard City forms and documents.

These files are categorized by Department, and are listed alphabetically. They may be provided in a variety of formats (i.e. Acrobat PDF, MS Word, Text, etc), so you will need the appropriate application to load and view them.


Filetype Description
Residential Density Code Amendment (69.47 kb)
Residential Density Code Amendment
2008 Draft Update to Predisaster Mitigation Plan (2.68 mb)

Draft Update

Design Guidelines for New Construction in the Downtown Medford Historic District (7.44 mb)

Design Guidelines for New Construction
Including Additions to Historic Properties & Minor Exterior Alterations in the Downtown Medford Historic District - June 2008

Buildable Lands Inventory (269.31 kb)

Adopted Febuary 23rd, 2008

Residential Paint and Roof Approval Criteria in Medford Historic Districts (3.11 mb)

Residential Paint and Roof Approval Criteria in Medford Historic Districts

December 2007

Sign Approval Guidelines for Medford Historic Districts (3.76 mb)

Sign Approval Guidelines for Medford Historic Districts

December 2007

Medford Historic Districts (300.92 kb)
Medford Historic Districts (Commercial and Residential)
10.823 Small Food Vendors (26.65 kb)
10.823 Small Food Vendors
10.857 Temporary Use of Movable Structures and Vehicles (20.40 kb)
10.857 Temporary Use of Movable Structures and Vehicles
Annexation Question and Answer (19.11 kb)

Annexation Frequently Asked Questions

January 2007

Design Guidelines and Review Process (1.52 mb)

Design Guidelines and Review Process

July 2006

Detached Single-Family Dwellings (10.710) (27.52 kb)
Detached Single-Family Dwellings as per 10.710
Accessory Dwelling Unit (18.57 kb)
Handout: as per Section 10.821


Filetype Description
Medford PD Policy Manual (8.47 mb)
Medford Police Department Policy Manual
2017 Citizen's Academy (281.54 kb)

Medford Police Department
Citizen’s Academy 2017 
The Medford Police Department is pleased to announce that on Wednesday’s beginning January 4, 2017, the Citizen’s Academy will be offered to selected residents of our community.
Dates:                                                  January 4, 2017 thru March 15, 2017
Times:              Wednesdays 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location:                     Medford Police Department Community Room
                                     219 S. Ivy Street Medford, Oregon
Course Description:   
            The Medford Police Department Citizen’s Academy is a 33-hour course of instruction presented by selected members of the Police Department to interested persons who reside or work in our community.  Among the topics to be covered during this program are:
General Administration and Philosophy of Services
Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Cases
Patrol and Traffic Operations
Recruitment, Selection, and Training of Police Personnel
Use of Force and Personnel Issues
Deployment and Tactics of the Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT)                                                           Canine Program
Drug Enforcement and Gang Suppression Issues
These are only a few of the topics and contemporary criminal justice issues that will be presented and discussed during the 11-week session.
Interested persons are invited to obtain an application from the Medford Police Records Division or Training Division at the Medford Police Department. Participants must meet the following requirements:  be at least 18 years of age or older by class start date; currently be a City of Medford resident and/or currently be employed in the City of Medford ; and be able to pass a criminal background check.   Applications will be taken on a first come-first serve basis.  If the maximum number of applicants is not reached by the closing date we may open the Academy to outside residents.   A background and screening process is conducted due to the content / nature of the classes being given. You must also submit the hold harmless agreement and student agreement form(s) with your application to be considered.
The deadline for submitting completed applications to be considered for this session is Friday, December 16th, 2016 or until the class is full.  Class size is limited to the first 30 approved/qualified applicants.

Click on below link for application:
For additional information contact Officer Tamara Camp at (541)774-2216 or by e-mail @
Renter & Owner Occupied Housing Quality Standards (167.22 kb)
Minimum Standards for safe, clean, and healthy housing.
ID Theft Information Packet (172.24 kb)

A packet with information on Identity Theft, updated 08/27/10.

Public Works

Filetype Description
Final Plat Checklist (12.68 kb)
Final Plat Checklist for Subdivisions and Partitions
Citizen Request Form (21.93 kb)
Citizen Request Form. To use the on-line submittal version please click here.
Prequalification Application on-line Form (214.84 kb)

The Prequalification Application above is provided for your use and convenience. You can fill-in the form on-line then save to your hard drive or download the application from the PDF file and complete by hand.

After completion mail the application with the original signature and notary page to:

City of Medford – Engineering
200 S. Ivy Street
Medford, OR 97501

If you have questions or need assistance you can contact Engineering at 541-774-2100.

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