Sex Trafficking Operation

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Sex Trafficking Operation


Medford Police Department
411 W 8th Street
Medford, OR 97501

Date: June 13, 2017

Type of Incident: Undercover Sex Trafficking Operation Nets 20 Arrests
Date of incident: May 2017
Location of incident: Medford Area

In late May of 2017, the Medford Police Department, assisted by the
Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Team (MADGE) conducted an
undercover operation to address the online sex trafficking.

Investigators posted online ads on known sex trafficking websites and
apps, and also responded to ads posted by others on the same platforms.
For investigative reasons, the specific website or apps will not be shared
publically. The operation consisted of two strategies, one targeting the
males seeking sex from a prostitute (Johns) and the other seeking females
exchanging sex for money.

The operation was conducted at different local hotels which will not be
named. The hotels cooperated with law enforcement during the

The 11 men who responded to the ads, and came to the hotel to meet
undercover officers were arrested for the misdemeanor crime of
Patronizing a Prostitute (Oregon Revised Statutes 167.008). Due to the
volume of the men arrested, all were given citations to appear in court at a
later time.

The following is the list of men arrested:

Lahr, Derek Sternal 34 Grants Pass
Prevedel, Ryan Henry 39 Eagle Point
Smith, Christopher Edward 48 Ashland
Lavell, Robert Samuel 28 Medford
Rahal, Iqbal "Jay" Singh 37 Medford
Dougherty, Daniel 35 Jacksonville
Tastaca, Jashua Kevin 24 Wilderville
Balagtas, June Ceasar Emata 21 Central Point
Garcia-Riquiz, Sergio 37 Medford
Courtney, William Jon 52 Medford
Boardman, Kenneth Douglas 29 Medford

Seven females also responded to the hotel to meet undercover officers to
engage in sexual encounters for money and were all charged with
Prostitution. These females were believed to be involved in organized sex
trafficking from out of the area. As a result, these females will not be
identified as the investigation continues. However, during the operation,
detectives arrested two males for Compelling Prostitution and other
charges. The men arrested area as follows:

Toney, Lafayette
35 years old
Address: Stockton, California


Promoting Prostitution
Resisting Arrest
Tampering with Evidence

Suggs, Anterion Dante Lavar
29 years old
Address: Sacramento, California


Promoting Prostitution

Sex trafficking and prostitution are not victimless crimes. Victims of sex
trafficking and prostitution are forced, coerced, and manipulated into this
lifestyle against their will. They are forced to suffer through physical,
sexual, and mental abuse. The Medford Police Department is committed to
deterring prostitution and sex trafficking activities.

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