Council Moves to Adopt 2017-19 Biennial Budget

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Council Moves to Adopt 2017-19 Biennial Budget

City HallThe Medford City Council is scheduled to adopt the 2017-2019 Biennial Budget during the noon Council Meeting on Thursday, June 15. If you can't make it to the council meeting you can watch it live here:

The proposed biennial budget totals $294,973,300, a 16% decrease over the currently adjusted 2015-17 budget. The budget decrease is the result of the completion of capital improvement projects, such as the new Medford Police Department building and two new fire stations, during the previous budget cycle.

While Medford continues to see growth in both residential and commercial development, which provide property tax and utility fee collection increases, itís important to note that City staff made the difficult budget decisions without sacrificing core services.
In addition to maintaining core services, the budget committee approved additional services such as:
  • Continue funding General Fund Grant Program. Provides funding to non-profit organizations that provide services to the citizens of Medford the City cannot or does not provide ($494,240).
  • Medford Senior Center Management Contract Staffing Authorization Recreation Supervisor Position. A contract has been negotiated for the City of Medford to manage day-to-day operations of the Medford Senior Center. As a result of the contract, the Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department will create a Recreation Supervisor position to serve the needs of the Medford Senior Center. City costs will be offset by quarterly reimbursement payments from the Medford Senior Center (FY18 - $134,450; FY-19 - $133,600).
  • Hire additional Deputy Fire Marshal (DFM). The additional DFM will assist with the increased demand within the Fire and Life Safety Division (FLSD) and the wildland urban interface areas. The cost of this position will be shared between the Medford Fire Department and Medford Rural Fire Protection District 2 (FY18 - $116,700; FY19 - $124,180).
  • Fund request to improve the safety of Bear Creek Greenway. The Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management Department will accelerate the removal of non-native vegetation on City-owned property along the path. This request is fully supported by Medford Fire and Police departments (FY18- $45,000; FY19 - $45,000).
To view the complete 2017-2019 Biennial Budget click here

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