Greenway Sweeps Leads to Housing 50 Homeless Veterans

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Greenway Sweeps Leads to Housing 50 Homeless Veterans

Medford Police Building50 homeless veterans are now off the street and living in homes thanks to a working partnership between the Medford Police Department and Rogue Valley Veterans Community Outreach. Both organizations have had the opportunity to offer assistance to homeless individuals while performing regularly scheduled Greenway Sweeps along the Bear Creek Greenway since April 2012.
Greenway sweeps are conducted to improve safety, security and cleanliness in the area and are used as a way to provide help to homeless individuals. Before each sweep, notices are posted 24-hours in advance to alert citizens about the operation. On average, two tons of trash are removed from the targeted area.
“The public needs to know that MPD has an amazing team of compassionate officers who are not only trying to help make the greenway safer and cleaner but are always trying to problem solve through different resources from community organizations,” said Mike Whitfield, Outreach Specialist for the Rogue Valley Veterans Community Outreach organization. “Through our partnership, we’ve been able to provide housing to 50 homeless veterans we’ve connected with through these Greenway Sweeps, I’d say that’s pretty incredible.”
Whitfield joins MPD and other local organizations during Greenway sweeps to offer services to every individual they come into contact with. “Sometimes these veterans don’t want or accept help from us, other times we’re able to find a home for them and get them off the street,” continued Whitfield.

The next Greenway Sweep is scheduled to start Wednesday, July 12 at 11 p.m. and will go through Thursday morning. 

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