Eclipse 2017: Three things Medford residents need to know

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Eclipse 2017: Three things Medford residents need to know

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) an estimated 1 million visitors are coming to Oregon on Monday, August 21 to get a glimpse of the eclipse, a celestial spectacle.

What is an Eclipse? According to ODOT, for about two and a half hours on Monday, August 21, 2017, daytime will gradually yield to dusk and to darkness for about two minutes as the moon passes in front of the sun.

Where is the path of totality? NASA has provided this map of the eclipse path of totality in the state of Oregon. Cities included in the path of totality include Lincoln City, Salem, Madras, and John Day.
NASA Eclipse Map

While Medford is not the main destination for eclipse travelers the area is expected to see an influx of traffic as people make their way to hot viewing spots. Traffic backups are inevitable but we have provided a few tips and reminders for you to consider during the busy weekend.
  1. Expect Traffic Delays. Getting around Medford may be more difficult during the days leading up to and after the August 21 event. You may want to consider using alternate routes if you routinely use Interstate 5 or other major thoroughfares in the area.
  2. Be Prepared. ODOT is reminding Oregonians and travelers to stock up on gas, food, and water in case you get stuck in traffic. Use or call 511 before you travel for 24/7 updates on road condition information.
  3. Use Eclipse Glasses. If you plan to look up at the sky during the time of the eclipse you must use eclipse glasses with the ISO or CE mark on them. Purchase your pair with Oregon State Parks.
    Eclipse Safety Information
Medford Police, Medford Fire and our Emergency Services department are aware of the influx of travelers coming through the area and are closely monitoring the situation. Medford Fire has offered their services to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, in case something breaks out along the eclipse path of totality.

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