Study Session Topics - August 10

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Study Session Topics - August 10

Food TrucksFood Trucks in Public Right-of-Way
Recent changes in land development code regarding food trucks and a citizen request to park a food truck in on-street parking stalls has led to this study session topic. Topics of interest to the Council include possible locations and hours of operation and fee changes. City staff is seeking Council direction on the initiation of a text amendment to allow food trucks in the public right-of-way and increasing fees to food truck owners. Click here to read more about this topic. 

Outcome: This item will be discussed under City Manager and Other Staff Reports during the August 17 City Council meeting. Council will discuss options and vote on whether food trucks should operate in the public right-of-way, potential fee increases for food truck owners and how to proceed with potential changes. Click here to view the presentation given on this topic.


ManorTransportation System Plan Goals and Objectives
The City is working to update the Transportation System Plan (TSP) which will look at the transportation system for the years 2018-2038 and will guide how Medford will change over this timeframe. The TSP contains a set of goals and objectives that will guide the implementation and development of the transportation system. City staff is seeking Council direction and feedback on the draft 2018-2038 goals and objectives.

Outcome: Staff asked Council to answer questions listed on the memo provided. A public open house is scheduled for August 29 to inform citizens about the TSP project and discuss identified goals and objectives. Based on Council and citizen feedback a project list will be drafted and presented in a September study session. Click here to view the presentation given on this topic.​

Study Sessions serve as an opportunity for Council to review, discuss, and provide direction to City staff on potential agenda items.  Items discussed during these Study Sessions are often placed on future Council meeting agendas for consideration and possible adoption.  

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