City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights

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City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights

Please note: Starting Thursday, September 7, there will no longer be Noon Council meetings, and the evening meetings will start at 6 pm instead of 7 pm.

Click here to watch the meeting live starting at 6 pm.

Medford Urban Renewal Agency Plans to Extend
The Medford Urban Renewal Board (City Council) is moving forward with plans to extend the existing Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) district. A MURA board meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, September 7, at 5:50 pm to consider a Resolution that would direct City staff to move forward with a substantial amendment. The substantial amendment would allow MURA to increase its indebtedness. More details.
Urban Growth Boundary Amendment Revisions go before Council
The City Council will consider an ordinance that would adopt revisions to the Urban Growth Boundary Amendment to align the City and County’s findings of fact, conclusions of law, and record of proceedings. Although the County approved the UGB amendment as adopted by the City, it made additional findings and incorporated additional documents into the record in support of its decision in response to testimony before the County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. This is the final Council action needed in order for city staff to begin preparing the application to the State for final consideration. Click here for more details.
Council Considers Adoption of Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires an approved Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) in order for a jurisdiction to be eligible for a number of major grant programs and other pre-and post-disaster assistance. Medford’s update to the 2010 plan was approved by Oregon Emergency Management (OEM) in April 2017 and the city received notification on August 15, 2017 of FEMA’s approval pending the City of Medford’s adoption. Adoption of this plan is needed prior to City staff submitting a grant application to FEMA for the seismic retrofitting of buildings in the downtown area. Click here for more details.

Future Property Designation for Carnegie Building and Former Fire Station 2
During the City Council meeting on August 3, the Council asked staff to bring back options for the lease procedure of the Carnegie building as well as options for either the sale or lease of former Fire Station 2. Deputy City Manager Kelly Madding will present options outlined in two memos during Thursday’s Council meeting under the City Manager and Other Staff Reports portion.

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