Video surveillance helps identify murder suspect

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Video surveillance helps identify murder suspect

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Sept. 12, 2017 -- In Monday's homicide case, nearby residential video surveillance cameras caught the suspect fleeing the scene. Here's a message from Medford Police:
We cannot put into words how vital this was to our case. We share this information to show just how important a video surveillance system can be for not only your safety but your neighborhood. Your system will not only deter crime to your property but can help solve a crime in your neighborhood.

If you choose to get a system, please get it registered with us (see link). Registering a camera on our website only lets us know the location and a contact person. We have no instant access to the system.

The video surveillance systems have come a long way, they are now high-quality video with a low cost. There are wired systems and wireless systems available. The benefits of a wireless system are easy setup, but they run on batteries that last 4-6 months. A wired system works really well because you have constant power that records to a DVR. The DVR can hold 1-2 months of footage. A wireless system can store to the cloud and keep the footage for 7 days. Neither system comes with monthly fees.

If you already have a system, please take two minutes to get it registered by clicking this link.

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