City Council Study Session Topics - Sept. 14

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City Council Study Session Topics - Sept. 14

Study Sessions serve as an opportunity for Council to review, discuss, and provide direction to City staff on potential agenda items.  Items discussed during these Study Sessions are often placed on future Council meeting agendas for consideration and possible adoption.  
Transportation Network Companies
The City Council held a public hearing on a vehicle for hire ordinance on August 17. After hearing public testimony and discussing the draft ordinance, the Council gave direction to staff to revise the ordinance and schedule a study session to review and discuss the following revisions:
  • model the ordinance after the Salem, Bend, and Redmond vehicle for hire ordinances
  • make sure that ordinance is fair for Transportation Network Companies (TNCís) and taxi companies
  • include a fee or surcharge in the ordinance similar to a street utility fee which reflects a fair assessment to pay for the operation and maintenance of streets within the City.

Staff is seeking direction from Council regarding any further revisions to the proposed ordinance.
Transportation System Plan Update
Planning staff is working to compile results from the Transportation Survey which will help inform TSP project prioritization. In the meantime, staff has provided Council with the attached TSP materials as the first draft of projects identified by the Cityís consultant. During this Study Session Staff will provide a broad overview of the materials, discuss standards that Council can use as scoring criteria and answer any questions related to the information. A series of open houses will be conducted in each ward to discuss projects and gain feedback on which projects matter to citizens.

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