How to report a streelight outage

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How to report a streelight outage

If you have streetlights out in your neighborhood, please report them so we can get them fixed. There are two ways to report streetlight outages in Medford, depending on who maintains them. Streetlights are maintained by either the City of Medford or Pacific Power.

How does one tell who maintains a particular streetlight?
Most of the time City poles are metal and Pacific Power poles are wood. There are exceptions, but that is a good rule of thumb. You can also tell by the pole tag.

What information is needed when reporting the outage?
Providing the pole number is best. A good, descriptive location will also work.

How do I report?
You can call or report online:
City of Medford: 541-774-2600 or click here.
Pacific Power: 888-221-7070 or click here.

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