City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights

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City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights

Proposed Ordinance Would Impose Regulations for the Keeping of Chickens
A public hearing is being held tonight as City Council members consider an ordinance that, if approved, would add section 5.555 of the Medford Municipal Code to impose regulations for the keeping of chickens. On August 3 the City Council directed staff to prepare a draft ordinance for the keeping of chickens and to see recommendations from the Planning Commission. Drawing from the codes of other communities, as well as the comments and suggestions from the Planning Commission, the proposed ordinance limits the number of chickens to five per parcel, prohibits the keeping of roosters, and specifies where and how chickens must be kept and maintained on the parcel. Click for more details.
Foothill Road: McAndrews to Hillcrest Project Update
The preliminary design for this project was approved by Council on August 17, 2017, after a Transportation Facility Public Hearing. Council Bill 2017-119 is a proposed ordinance that would authorize the taking of real property by eminent domain action to acquire needed property in conjunction with Foothill Road: McAndrews to Hillcrest Project. Approval of this ordinance is a state and federal requirement to allow acquisition of real property for the project using state and federal funds. Both state funds (via a loan) and federal funds (via a grant) will be used for the right-of-way acquisition, design, and construction.
The Public Works Department will have all properties appraised and negotiate with property owners in good faith. Eminent domain will only be invoked if an equitable agreement cannot be reached. Click for more details.

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