Medford Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

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Medford Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

On February 16, 2018, the City of Medford submitted its duly adopted Urban Growth Boundary Amendment to the State of Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.  The purpose of the Urban Growth Boundary amendment is to comply with State law and provide Medford with a twenty-year land supply based on the City’s projected need for residential and employment land. 

The amendment includes 1,658 acres of land for future development (residential and employment), Prescott and Chrissy parks totaling 1,877 acres, and 511 acres of developed or unbuildable land. The proposed changes were co-adopted by Jackson County.  Click here to view the entire notice of submittal.  If you wish to file objections, they must be submitted within 21 days of today’s date and in accordance with the guidelines stated in the notice.

Contact Carla Paladino with questions at 541-774-2380 or by email at

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