City of Medford launches new logo, brand identity

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City of Medford launches new logo, brand identity

City of Medford New Brand
Starting July 2, you’ll notice a new look and personality to the City’s communications. We are launching a new identity that reflects our community and the work we do as a dedicated, full-service city. This is part of an overall effort supported by the City Council to increase our coordinated and proactive communication and engagement with our growing community.

The City partnered with Travel Medford during the branding process. The two brands share visual elements such as the “M” but differ in color and design elements.
What will branding and communications do for us? We are accountable to the public and have a responsibility to share what we are doing with public funds. Consistent, professional, accurate and relevant visuals and written communications are important to building public awareness, trust, and confidence in the work the City does on behalf of the public. Government agencies that invest money and effort in strategic branding and communications save in the long run by increasing public awareness and engagement.

Why do you need a brand identity? Isn’t that for corporations? City and community branding isn’t a new concept. Cities, counties, states, and other government agencies around the globe are embracing strategies to achieve positive results including more informed and satisfied employees and citizens, increased tourism, and attracting and retaining a talented workforce, businesses, and jobs. Public agencies have a responsibility to provide important services, but equally as important is their responsibility to communicate about those services and to build community.

Why do we need a new logo? Isn’t the current logo just fine? First, an identity and logo are the visual foundation for more effective communications about the things we do and the services we provide. In 2017, City Council made community engagement a top priority and the rebranding process was part of that initiative. The new logo and associated visuals serve as the anchor to all the City of Medford communications – an icon speaking to the brand values of friendly, genuine, and unexpected. The “M” in Medford provides an upward energy while hinting at the importance of Medford in the Pacific Northwest.

Second, the circular logo was created in the 1960s and represents the building that houses the City administrative offices. After 60 years of progress, population growth of over 55,000 people, and the need for an identity that visually represents the growing community, it’s time for an upgrade.

How does this benefit the community? A community’s unique appeal drives economic prosperity and resident’s attachment to pride in their place. Medford has grown from a small farming community of a few thousand people to the fourth largest metro area in Oregon. We are working with community partners like Travel Medford to solidify and reinforce a strong and positive identity – to build a Medford Brand which sets up apart from other cities in the region and country and contributes to community pride, appeal, and economic prosperity.
What exactly are we doing and when? On February 7, 2019, the City Council approved the new brand identity. On July 1, we began implementation through a phased-in approach which we aim to have completed by mid-2020. The immediate focus is on launching the identity through digital communications (website, online documents/forms, e-communications, etc.) and to replace or include the logo on all reprinted or newly created print or outreach materials that are already included in the budget.
City of Medford Logo


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