Long Time Drug Dealer Facing Federal Charges

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Long Time Drug Dealer Facing Federal Charges

Osbaldo Silva, 35, is well known to local law enforcement and MADGE investigators. Over the last approximate 10 years, he has been the subject of numerous investigations into the sale of heroin and methamphetamine, which resulted in criminal convictions. 

On November 1st, 2019, MADGE investigators served a search warrant on his residence in the 800 block of Dakota Avenue. Over 7 pounds of methamphetamine was recovered as well as 2.2 pounds of heroin. Silva was ultimately able to bail out of jail.

In December 2019, MADGE investigators became aware that Silva, a convicted felon, was in possession of several firearms. Undercover detectives purchased the guns from Silva and ultimately arrested him. Six of the seven firearms were reported as stolen. Silva has remained in custody since that arrest on December 31st, 2019.

Recently, a federal hold has been placed on Silva pending a Federal Grand Jury in February 2020.  He is also facing numerous state charges related to the recent MADGE cases.

His co-hort, Samantha Williams, 34, is facing state charges of Hindering Prosecution and Tampering with Evidence. These charges are a result of her interfering with the drug investigations. 

Silva was unique in that he sold drugs but did not use them. As a result, he was easily able to complete drug treatment programs as part of prior sentencing. Silva is also part of a large scale Drug Trafficking operation out of Southern California. Silva's arrest has significantly disrupted the inflow of drugs into the valley from this particular drug trafficking organization. 

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