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Historic District Maps

Downtown Medford
Downtown Medford

Historic Preservation Overlay:

The purpose of Medford Historic Preservation Overlay is to pro­tect, enhance, perpetuate, and improve those buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts that are of local, regional, statewide, or national historic significance.

The Historic Preservation Overlay is intended to:

  1. Affect and accomplish the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and improvement of such buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts that represent elements of Medford’s cultural, social, economic, political, or architectural history;
  2. Safeguard Medford’s historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage as embodied in such buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts;
  3. Complement the National Historic Preservation Act and National Register of Historic Places;
  4. Encourage private owners and public citizens to understand the value of such buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts, thus creating incentives for preservation;
  5. Foster civic pride in the beauty and  accomplishments of the past;
  6. Protect and enhance Medford’s visitor and tourist attractions, and support and stimulate business and industry;
  7. Promote the use of such buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts for the education, pleasure, and public welfare of the residents of Medford;
  8. Further the provisions of Statewide Planning Goal 5 (to protect natural resources and conserve scenic and historic areas and open spaces); and
  9. Implement the Medford Comprehensive Plan.

Historic Districts (Residential and Commercial)

Historic Sites and Districts

Potential Historic Resources

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