Wetland Recommendations


This report is a significant step in Medford's overall strategy to streamline, objectify, and update its land use planning and regulatory programs, consistent with Statewide Planning Goals and federal wetland management requirements. 


The City of Medford commissioned this report with several specific objectives in mind:

  1. To identify clusters of locally significant wetlands (i.e. wetland resource sites) that are functionally inter-related and similarly zoned. Each wetland resource site, or cluster, is divided into two categories: high quality and moderate quality wetlands.


  1. To determine “impact areas” outside wetland boundaries, where development impacts may be reduced through buffers or other means;


  1. To identify uses and activities likely to conflict with full protection of each wetland resource site. This is done primarily by reviewing uses allowed by zoning, and by identifying public facilities and transportation projects that are likely to go through wetlands or their impact areas;


  1. To recommend a “limited protection” program that achieves a balance between resource protection and allowing certain conflicting uses with locally required impact reduction. The limited protection option is based on the City’s existing Riparian Corridor standards.


  1. To determines the probable impacts of development on significant wetland resource site – and vice versa. Goal 5 requires a determination of the environmental, social, and economic and energy (ESEE) consequences of developing, not developing, or of partially developing each wetland resource site – especially on affected property owners – are also considered.


  1. To provide the Planning Commission and City Council the information needed to evaluate the ESEE consequences of wetland resource protection so they can make informed policy decisions concerning the appropriate level of protection that should be afforded to wetland resource sites in the Medford Urban Growth Boundary.


To view recommendations specific to each locally significant wetland site, click on the "Site-Specific Recommendations" link on the left.


For more information on wetlands issues view the Department of State Lands Wetlands Program website.

Revised Draft (10/31/2003) general recommendations by Winterbrook Planning for protection of Medford's wetlands
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