The Medford Mayor and City Council encourage citizen participation in Municipal Government and welcome your interest in serving on a City Board, Commission or Committee.  Application forms are available in the City Manager's Office, Room 310, City Hall or you may apply online.  Residency in the City of Medford's Urban Growth Boundary is a requirement for serving on most City Boards, Commissions and Committees.  Applications for the following positions will be accepted through December 1, 2017.  Additional information can be obtained by calling (541) 774‑2000. 
The City is currently accepting applications for the following positions:
ARTS COMMISSION (3-year term):   Two full-term positions (terms expire 01/31/2021); two partial-term positions (terms ending 01/31/2019 and 01/31/2020). Meets monthly on matters pertaining to the selection, acquisition, restoration and preventive maintenance of public art.  Also advises the City Council regarding arts promotion, encouragement of the arts, and artistic performances to help foster broad participation in and understanding of the arts and their value to the Medford community.

CEMETERY COMMISSION (3-year term):   Two full-term positions (terms expire 01/31/2021) and one partial-term position (term expires 01/31/2020).  Meets monthly. Commission makes recommendations to the City Manager and City Council regarding the funding and operation of Eastwood Cemetery.  The Commission also works to secure donations and bequests for the Cemetery Trust Fund.
HOSPITAL FACILITIES BOARD (5-year term)One full-term position (term expires 01/31/2023).  Meets only when called, generally once per year.  The Board acts as a conduit that allows nonprofit hospital facilities to float tax-free bonds.

MULTICULTURAL COMMISSION (3-year term): Five full-term positions (terms expire 01/31/2021).   Meets monthly.  The Multicultural Commission serves to represent and reflect issues of economic, social and cultural interest for Medford’s growing multicultural community. 

UNIFIED APPEAL BOARD (2-year term):  Five full-term positions (terms expire 01/31/2020).  Meets only when called.  Performs the function of those boards created by the Uniform Building Codes, the Plumbing Code, the Electrical Code and the Mechanical Code. Members must have knowledge of the building field.  One position must be filled by a licensed general contractor. One position must be filled by a licensed engineer. One position must be filled by a licensed architect.  One position must be filled by a local business community member.  One position is an at large position. 

URBAN RENEWAL AGENCY BUDGET COMMITTEE (3-year terms):  Two full‑term positions (terms expire 01/31/2021).  Generally meets one time in odd years to review Medford Urban Renewal Agency’s budget document prior to forwarding its recommendation to the Board of Directors. 

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