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Agenda & Minutes

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Mayor & Council (View All)

City Council Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Thursday, June 20, 2019

June 20, 2019

6:00 p.m.
Medford City Hall, Council Chambers
411 West 8th Street, Medford, Oregon

10.    Roll Call

Employee Recognition
20.    Recognitions, Community Group Reports
30.    Oral Requests and Communications from the Audience
         Comments will be limited to 4 minutes per individual, group or organization.  PLEASE SIGN IN.
40.    Public Hearings
Comments are limited to a total of 30 minutes for applicants and/or their representatives.  You may request a 5-minute rebuttal time.  Appellants and/or their representatives are limited to a total of 30 minutes and if the applicant is not the appellant they will also be allowed a total of 30 minutes.  All others will be limited to 4 minutes. PLEASE SIGN IN.
40.1     COUNCIL BILL 2019-52 A resolution adopting an eighth Supplemental Budget for the 2017-19 biennium.
         40.2     COUNCIL BILL 2019-53 An ordinance vacating both a portion of a public storm drainage easement and a public utility easement (PUE) on three non-contiguous parcels located north of Midway Road, west of Interstate 5, and east of Cummings Lane in the SFR-10 (Single-Family Residential, ten dwelling units per gross acre) zoning district. (SV-19-044) Land Use, Quasi-Judicial
         40.3     COUNCIL BILL 2019-54 An ordinance amending the Planning Department fee schedule. (GF-19-004) Legislative
50.    Approval or Correction of the Minutes of the June 6, 2019 Regular Meeting
60.    Consent Calendar
         60.1     COUNCIL BILL 2019-55 A resolution initiating annexation to the City of Medford of portions of Lozier Lane right-of-way from Stewart Avenue to West Main Street. (A-19-002)
         60.2     COUNCIL BILL 2019-56 An ordinance granting to Hunter Communications, Inc., dba Core Digital Services , the non-exclusive privilege  to use the public way to construct and maintain communication facilities within the City of Medford.
         60.3     COUNCIL BILL 2019-57 An ordinance authorizing execution of an Agreement between the City of Medford and Teamsters Local 223 Construction and Maintenance Employees concerning wages, hours, fringe benefits, and other working conditions from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2023.
         60.4     COUNCIL BILL 2019-58 An ordinance adding section 8.185 to the Medford Municipal Code to allow the use of goats for vegetation control within City limits.
         60.5     COUNCIL BILL 2019-59 An ordinance amending sections 8.800 8.815, 8.818, and 8.820 of the Medford Code pertaining to transient lodging tax.
         60.6     COUNCIL BILL 2019-60 An ordinance authorizing execution of a Quitclaim Deed of an existing easement in conjunction with the Larson Creek Greenway Segment II project.
         60.7     COUNCIL BILL 2019-61 An ordinance authorizing the purchase of seven (7) new police patrol vehicles in the total amount of $262,798.00 from Northside Ford Truck Sales Incorporated of Portland, Oregon.
70.    Items Removed from Consent Calendar
80.    Ordinances and Resolutions
         80.1     COUNCIL BILL 2019-62 An ordinance authorizing the establishment of a 20 mph designated speed for Valley View Drive, between Hillcrest Road and Capital Avenue.
         80.2     COUNCIL BILL 2019-63 A resolution adopting 2019-21 Biennial Goals for the City of Medford.
90.    Council Business
         90.1     Proclamations issued: None
         90.2     Committee Reports and Communications
100.  City Manager and Staff Reports
         100.1   HB 2509 Single Use Plastic Bags
         100.2   Further reports from City Manager
110.  Adjournment

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