5.265 Smoking in Public Buildings, Parks and Facilities

(1)  Definitions.  For purposes of this section, unless the context requires otherwise, the following words shall mean:

Smoke Free. Possessing or to possess a lighted tobacco product, lighted tobacco paraphernalia, or any other lighted weed or plant (including but not limited to, a lighted pipe, lighted hookah pipe, lighted cigar, or lighted cigarette of any kind).  Also includes any device that simulates the smoking of tobacco that produces a smoke or vapor. 

Tobacco.  Any substance containing tobacco leaf, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, or any other preparation of tobacco.

Tobacco & Smoke Free Facilities.  All Parks and Recreation Department management properties including the surrounding pedestrian rights-of-way.

(2) No person shall smoke in a building or room owned or occupied by a public or governmental agency if the person in control of the building or room has posted notice at the principal entrance stating "NO SMOKING". For purposes of this section, the City Manager is in control of the Medford City Hall.

(3) All parks and facilities managed and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department are designated as tobacco and smoke free.  These facilities include the pedestrian rights-of-way that surround each property.
(4)  Exception to this code is a designated smoking area within U.S. Cellular Community Park. 

(5)  Penalties.  Violation of this section constitutes a violation under Medford Code Section 5.990.
[Amd. Ord. No. 2000-45, March 16, 2000; Amd. Ord. No. 2014-34, March 20, 2014.]