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Fraud Prevention Checklist

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention Checklist

  Buy a cross-cut type shredder and shred all of your important documents before you throw them away. Remember to include pre-approved credit card applications sent to you in the mail, credit card receipts and other financial/personal information.

  Get your checks delivered to your bank where you pick them up, instead of having them sent to your home where they may be stolen out of your mailbox.

  Do not put outgoing checks/bills in your mailbox at home where they may be stolen. Always drop these off at US Postal mailboxes or the Post Office.

  Cancel all credit cards that you do not use or have not used in the last six months.

  Put passwords other than your motherís maiden name on all of your accounts.

  Keep track of your bills and statements. Make sure you receive them each month. If a bill or statement does not arrive, contact the merchant immediately to verify it was sent and when. Make sure no activity has occurred on the account.

  If possible obtain a locking mailbox. A post office box is even safer.

  Ask all financial institutions, doctorís offices, etc, what they do with your information when they are through with it. Make sure it is shredded and not simply thrown away.

  Never give any personal information to a caller no matter how they identify themselves. If they claim to be a credit grantor, take their name and contact information, then call them back at the number you know to be true. Remember, credit card companyís will not ask for your PIN or secret code, they already have that information.

  Order your credit report from the three credit bureaus twice a year. Make sure all of the information is accurate and up to date.

  Do not leave important information, including purses/wallets/briefcases in your vehicle. Cars are easily broken into.

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