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MADGE Task Force

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MADGE is a gang and narcotics
team comprised of local, state and federal investigators that work in partnership with other government agencies to share information and resources to dismantle drug trafficking and other criminal organizations operating in the Jackson County area.
Jackson County has been designated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).  This allows federal funds to be spent to pull together resources from multiple agencies.  In 2015, MADGE received $125,000 of federal money from HIDTA.  MADGE currently consists of nine different law enforcement agencies: Medford Police, Ashland Police, Central Point Police, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police, Jackson County Community Corrections, Federal Budreau of Investigation, Homeland Security Investigations Division, and the Oregon Army National Guard.
In 2015, MADGE investigated 803 cases.  These cases resulted in the service of 128 search warrants and 291 controlled buys of narcotics.  MADGE arrested 187 suspects for their part in the possession, distribution and manufacturing of narcotics.  As a result of these cases, 87 firearms were taken off the street and away from criminals.  In 2015, MADGE members conducted 12 different presentations and educated over 500 members of our community on drugs and gangs.
In April 2015, Detective Gary Hatten retired after 27 years of service to the Medford Police Department; 22 of those years dedicated to drug enforcement investigations.
MADGE disrupted and/or dismantled four Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) in 2015.  This has fulfilled 133% of the initiative’s projection of 3 DTO’s.  MADGE also seized over $2,559,346 in drugs and assets and has established a $20.47 return on investment (ROI).  MADGE made 1,924 inquiries and 686 submissions into law enforcement databases.  By the end of the year, MADGE had assisted or forwarded leads on 144 cases above and beyond their 803 cases investigated.
A DTO is an organization consisting of five or more participants with clear leadership, conducting criminal activities.
MADGE continues to work with the department’s K9 Program to maintain our relationship with commercial parcel delivery companies and the U.S. Postal Service to combat illegal drug trafficking.  In 2015, we worked 99 parcel cases that resulted in the seizure of $590,600 cash.  These cases also resulted in additional criminal charges of delivery of a controlled substance and money laundering when the suspects could be identified.
GANG ACTIVITY with Graffiti Program
MADGE is proactive in gang intelligence and gang prevention.  In 2015, MADGE and Medford Police Department investigated 247 gang related crimes; a strong majority of these crimes were graffiti cases.  With the continued help of CSO Todd Sales, this graffiti is removed or painted over with the assistance of youth offenders completing their community service hours, for their part in graffiti.  In 2015 there was a 140% increase in gang related aggravated assault cases, from 5 in 2014 to 12 in 2015.
Current numbers of documented gang members have leveled off from past years.  In 2015, MADGE and Medford Police have identified 315 documented gang members and associates that participate in organized crime activities.  This information is compiled for the furtherance of an investigation involving organized criminal gang activities.
Drugs Seized (in pounds) 2014 2015 Variance
          Methamphetamine 71.27 34.29 -51.9%
          Marijuana 439.27 369.3 -15.9%
          Heroin 12.32 6.65 -46.0%
          Cocaine .08 .80 857.2%
Cases Worked 749 803 148.6%
Search Warrants Served 108 128 18.5%
Drug Buys 283 291 2.8%
Arrests Made 110 187 70.0%
Guns Seized 35 87 148.6%
Drug Proceeds Seized $632,753 $749,663 18.5%
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