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Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission Background

   In 1986, the Medford City Council established the Historic Overlay zone designation to protect, enhance, and perpetuate historic structures or districts of special historic value. The Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission (LHPC) is designated as the approving authority for Class C Historic Review applications. The authority of the LHPC is defined in the Medford Land Development Code, Section 10.136.
Examples of historic review include:

  1. Historic Preservation Overlay changes
  2. Exterior Alterations and/or New Construction Review
  3. Demolition and/or Relocation Review
  4. Consideration of Appeals of Minor Historic Review Decisions

Other sections of the Medford Land Development Code relevant to the Historic Preservation Overlay: Sections 10.401 through 10.408

Certified Local Government

    In 2009, the National Parks Service and State Historic Preservation Office recognized the City of Medford as a Certified Local Government (CLG) for Historic Preservation.
CLG status gave the City access to federal matching grants for historic preservation. As of Fall 2013, these funds have been used to produce two brochures, host an educational outreach seminar, fund the Summit-Fairmount Survey, and enhance this website. Read more about the Certified Local Government Program.