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Medford's Historic Districts 

Medford has four Historic Districts. Each one has been surveyed and documented, building by building.  That survey information was sent to the National Park Service in Washington, D.C., where a decision was made about whether or not the District was eligible to be listed on the National Register.  All Medford's Historic Districts are on the National Register. They are:

  • The Downtown Historic District
  • The South Oakdale Historic District
  • The Corning Court Ensemble
  • The Geneva-Minnesota District
There are also structures that are outside a Historic District, but on the National Register as individual properties. Whenever this occurs, the individual structure is within the City's Historic Preservation Overlay and subject to the same rules and regulations as a structure within a Historic District. All exterior changes are reviewed and approved by the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission.

Downtown Historic District

Historic resources in the Downtown Historic District were documented by the Survey of Historic and Cultural Resources, Downtown Commercial Area. The survey was produced in two phases in 1994 and 1995.  

As part of that project, an overview of the city's development entitled "A Historic Context for Medford", was written. It covers the years 1846 - 1946. It was prepared by Kay Atwood under the direction of the Planning Department.  

See one of the indexes at the beginning of each phase of the survey to access information on specific properties. Each index orders the properties in a different way: by survey number, street address, or historic name. 


Phase 1 was conducted in 1993 and 1994. Phase 1 covers the 30 blocks that were created by the Original Town Plat of Medford. Each property was given a Medford Survey Number which serves as the organizational framework for the survey. 


Phase 2 of the Survey was conducted in 1994 and 1995. This phase covers the area outside the Original Town Plat but within the boundaries of the proposed Historic District. Those boundaries are from Central Avenue on the west, to Bear Creek on the east, and from Fourth Street on the north to Tenth Street on the south.  The indices in the Phase 2 Survey document are larger since they compile all structures in the Downtown Historic District. 

South Oakdale Historic District

To quote the South Oakdale Historic District nomination:

"The visual impact of the South Oakdale landscape is its most outstanding feature. The area is one of very large oaks, horse chestnuts, sycamores and other tree varieties.  Entering the district from either the north or south, the impression is one of a tunnel of trees, especially spring through fall when leafed out....South Oakdale presents, in its architectural diversity, an encyclopedia of residential styles in Medford, from the 1880 to the 1940, unified by an arbor of mature street landscapes."


Geneva-Minnesota Historic District

The Geneva-Minnesota Historic District is a residential
area located to the east of downtown Medford and Bear Creek.

The District was developed in two phases, 1911 - 1914 and 1922 - 1924. The district represents one of southern Oregon's most intact early 20th century residential areas. The district contains 38 separate lots in the Bungalow, Craftsman and Period Revival styles that dominated locally during the two periods of construction. The residences are visually linked by the locally unique roadbed of Geneva Street and the raised, concrete retaining walls of both streets.